At CBC our premise is COVID-19 secure for the building’s companies and their visitors. For more information on building security click here or call us at 2310909453. Stay safe



COSMOS BUSINESS CENTER is a modern and flexible business center, which has been located in privately owned premises of 1000 sqm. in Thermi Thessaloniki, Greece since January 2010.

CBC’s philosophy is to offer not only an office rental, but a fully equipped space with the most modern facilities in a highly professional environment.

Aiming at the development and functional daily life of every professional, it creates the right conditions for communication and cooperation between companies, fundamentally changing the typical working model.

Understanding the ever-increasing demands of modern businesses, it takes care and provides its services with direct and effective solutions, covering the whole range of needs of freelancers, start-up companies, companies with years of presence in the business sector.

To whom we are addressing   

Active professionals who have the need for an organized office with multiple requirements and functions.
Companies looking for meeting rooms and training rooms.
Companies located outside the prefecture of Thessaloniki and expanding by opening a branch in Thessaloniki.
To foreign companies wishing to establish a branch or a tax residence in Greece.
To young freelancers who are starting their business and are looking for a purely professional space without additional installation costs.

Main operating axes of CBC 

Excellent service
Responsible management of both office and personal data of each professional
Continuous development of technological means
Competitive prices in service – cost ratio with the highest service standards in the market.




The Business Center is strategically located in the bypass of the Thessaloniki Moudania highway, 5 km from Macedonia Airport, 5 km from the Mediterranean Cosmos shopping center, within walking distance from the most famous hotels of the city and 15 km from the center of Thessaloniki.

With private outdoor parking for tenants and customers.


As part of the protection against Covid-19 coronavirus, we would like to inform you that the following measures have been taken:

  • In addition to routine cleaning operations, common areas and frequently used surfaces (e.g. doorknobs, handles, kitchen utensils, tap switches, etc.) are cleaned daily with a bleach solution or an alcohol-based antiseptic.
  • Systematic ventilation of common areas at regular intervals
  • Placement of alcoholic antiseptic in the Reception, kitchen and copy room.
  • Replacement of soaps in toilets with mild antiseptic soaps and the use of bleach solutions.
  • Recommendation to disinfect hands on arrival at the Business Center.
  • Use of kitchen equipment / utensils after disinfecting hands with antiseptic.
  • Cleaning of kitchen counter and tables after each use.
  • Use of the equipment in copy room after disinfecting hands with antiseptic.
  • Ventilation of mettings rooms and cleaning of the surfaces with disinfectant after the end of each meeting.
  • Distribution of instructions to tenants and employees on prevention measures and recommendation to avoid attendance in case of symptoms (e.g. cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, fever, etc.) or contact with an outbreak.